New England Educational Resources assists elementary and secondary school educators to obtain the learning tools, both print and digital, to advance skills and instill knowledge in the next generation. With Science as a focus, we represent major publishers in New England and are always available as a resource to your team of educators for samples, trials, and price quotes.


We represent the following companies in New England


BIOZONE specializes in the production of high quality student instructional materials and teacher resources for high school sciences (grades 9-12) in both traditional print and digital media. Click here to learn more

Symbio Education

Symbio Education brings the world’s most amazing plants and animals and exciting science from the most remote locations straight into the classroom. With engaging and charismatic scientists helping lead the investigation, students will connect to, and engage with, science in deeper and more meaningful ways.Click here to learn more


requestWe understand the challenges teacher and administrators face. We offer these samples as a means to provide you with the material that fits your curriculum goals. We partner with hundreds of teachers and schools throughout New England and collaboratively select the right curriculum material. Fill out our form here for more information.
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