Symbio Education is developing a revolutionary science-learning platform that will engage, excite and inspire students of all grade levels while improving their content knowledge, retention of key concepts, and ability to think critically and creatively. We believe that student engagement and outcomes can be greatly enhanced through intriguing story-telling and inquiry-based investigations that bring cutting-edge technology and real science to the classroom to let students be scientists, engineers, and videographers.

Our core programs use inquiry-based learning projects that cover the depth and breadth of science standards through engaging video adventures, level-specific readers, and activities that put the adventure and learning in the hands of students. We also are developing learning communities for students to develop and share their own video content. With years of experience in science, education and production Symbio Education can also create custom supplementary STEM programs to meet particular learning challenges.

Integrating NGSS, 3D learning, Math, and Language Arts, students are scientists embark on journeys of scientific inquiry around the world to help unravel some of natures’ most exciting mysteries.

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The Story Behind Symbio Education

While filming a documentary in Shark Bay Australia, Dr. Mike Heithaus (biologist) and Patrick Greene (television producer) came up with the concept of bringing the field to students by combining inspiring and exciting real scientific research and exploration with in-classroom videos and an inquiry-based curriculum. They have leveraged this initial vision to creating programs that are making a difference in classrooms.

Now, the time and technology are right to take the next step in STEM active-learning and, where appropriate, integrate language arts learning. The Vision of Symbio Education is to transform science and STEM education – both formal and informal – through the combination of the highest quality media and cutting-edge real science. We seek to cultivate creative and critical thinking, inspire lifelong curiosity, engage students in the scientific process, and enhance student learning in the next generation of STEM professionals and science-enthusiasts no matter their career or life path.

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